Network design and installation

Network DesignEverything relies on your data network. If you use external cloud services, your network is even more critical. A good network starts with a good design, and as it grows it may need design changes.

We are professional network consultants that have helped companies such as British Telecom, Domino’s pizza  and the Mandarin Oriental get the most from their network.

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Matrix 42 Workspace Management

Matrix42 software provides your users with a simple and secure digital working environment.
Automated processes such as software distribution or license allocation will make your IT faster.
A user-friendly service catalog and end-to-end service processes make your users more productive.

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Simply Better WIFI !

wireless-networksNot all WIFI solutions are equal, the more users you have and more services you place on WIFI (streaming video, telephone calls) , the more this becomes more visible.

Have you ever been to a meeting or conference where only a few people at a time could connect to the WIFI at once?
Do you select meeting places based on the fact that they have good WIFI ?

Teachers, do you spend more time trying to get your students on the network than actually delivering the lesson?

We have partnered with Ruckus Wireless to provide better WIFI. They hold a number of patents for technology which enables high numbers of users at the same time, reduction of interference from other WIFI  networks and  easy point and click management.

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Unified Communications

unified-communicationsUnified Communications used to refer to the fact that the phone networks and computer data networks now run on the same network, the Internet. However it means more than that now. It should refer to how people work not the technology. Unified communications should refer to that fact that teams of people can work together as a team in a unified way, on any device and in any location with access to the Internet.

We are the UK distributors of a European technology which enables teams of people to share documents, email, Video Conference, make telephone calls and create work-flows from anywhere in the world.

Combined with our network engineering and Ruckus WIFI, we can supply your organisation with some innovate solutions. Previous customers have often reduced communications costs by 50%

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Private Cloud Computing

cloud-computingThe technology used to create cloud computing systems are available to everyone.

However not everyone has the requirement to run their own cloud computing environment.There are often specific business requirements for an organisation to own and manage their own computing environment, while still taking advantage of cloud computing.

The most common reason for a business to run a private cloud solution is concerns about security, data protection laws and regulation.

We can help you create a private cloud computing environment to suit your business needs using server virtualisation, High performance storage and other technologies used by the mainstream cloud providers.

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